So something happened to me recently that im not gonna speak about publicly due to personal reasons but it is related to mental health and that’s why I’m adding it under here and honestly after what happened it encourages me way more to wanna end suicide for people and make them more happy and try to show them that they do have a purpose in life. You may not find it right away cause life is hard, nothing changes when you hit a certain age you still gotta have your stuff together, life is hard but when you have a poor amount of health physical or mental it’s even worse. And doing things like harming your body won’t change anything, there’s always someone out there that cares about you (like me) so you’re not alone I’m always here for you, and suicide, anxiety, depression they all need to be a topic and need to be spoken about more and brought to light so we can decrease the suicide rates, so we can help people to become more happy and try to encourage them to get on the right path. Thank you for listening and if you’re in need of help. Here is a number you can call

If you’re scared to talk on the phone and rather text then text 741741

Or go to this website if you don’t wanna give out your phone number.

Trust me you’re not alone and life can get better.