As of 8/26/2020 at 4:00 pm EST Hurricane Laura has become a **category 4 hurricane**. Officials are **urging** residents to evacuate now.

Hurricane Laura is currently moving Northwest at 16 mph with wind gusts at 145 mph and wind gusts of up to 175 mph Pressure is currently dropping to 27.97 minibars

At the moment the main concern is flooding and storm surges. Storm surges are expected to be very strong and very high storm surges as well.

On the outer edges of the hurricanes tornadoes are expected. Multiple tornadoe watchs are in effect throughout the night. This storm is not something that people should be taking a chance with.

Last and strongest storm to hit this region was in 2005 which is known as Hurricane Rita. According to the weather channel Hurricane Laura is expected to be slightly similar to hurricane rita or even hurricane ike

As we roll into the next several hours we are going to be feeling the effects of this hurricane.

We here on the @🎙News Team🎙 urge everyone in the path of this hurricane to **HAVE A PLAN, STAY PREPARED, AND STAY SAFE**. When this storm hits you don't want to be caught up in it.

Our @🎙News Team🎙 is continuing to monitor this storm and will update everyone as soon as we have the latest.

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