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Greetings eternalons! Just wanted to warn you all, we are not as safe as we first thought.. There is something lurking in the shadows and I must warn you beware of green delta, they should not be trusted, if you see them let me kn-

Thanks for a whole lotta love on Prophecy, my new release :)

Hey There Everyone! I have for you a Top 6 Creator Followed List for Shadow Network!
(1) Shadow Network (96)
(2) V4N5H (48)
(3) Paul (19)
(4) Sean Lee Kerrigan (19)
(5) Sammy Shiblaq (19)
(6) ETERN∆L K0NTR0L (10)
(It will be updated based on following updates)
Paul ✪ ♪Future POTUS
Public Figure | Founder, CEO and Owner of Shadow Network
What a fun night it was. But after I was super sore from all that skating I did lol, my legs was sore, my feet were sore my back was sore, it was wild. #Skating #Fun #funnight #wild